Botox training courses and Botox certification courses.

The International academy of aesthetics (IAA) is the best institute where you can learn Botox Certification course online without any hassles. Here the trainees will be trained in a real cosmetic environment from patient check in, to consultation and the administration of Botox with the real patients. They provide the innovative tools for educators to reach a global audience such as the ability to host online programs, etc. they make you perfect in the field of botox. IAA botox training online experience is like no other institute, as they give perfect training to their students and hence make them perfect in all ways. They offer streamlined process to support you while undertaking the courses and direct you in every possible ways so that you learn every aspect of botox.


You might be thinking you should undertake Botox Certification Course?

Botox Certification Course is intended for nurses, practitioners and physicians with minimal or no previous experience administrating Botox and seeking the proper knowledge, experience and techniques to acquire Botox certification. They are trying to change the world of aesthetics by learning, educating and networking.

The following are the topics which are covered under this course:  Patient selection experience and communication.  Required office forms and content forms  the ageing process: aesthetic facial and neck analysis.  Adding medical aesthetics to your practice.  History and science of Botox  Hands on training with real patients  Training of the upper and lower face  Risk and benefits and complications  Injection technique  Facial nerve block techniques and pain management

At IAA thousands of physicians, nurses and practitioners have been trained. They offer the most comprehensive Botox Certification course with the real patients in a real cosmetic practice. They have highly trained professionals which teach the courses subjects in almost eight different languages spoken across the globe. Botox training courses helps you to be well trained in history, action, side effects, and contraindications of cosmetic Botox. Under Aesthetics Botox training program they teach how to make formulations, preparations, safety and storage of Botox. Under Botox training classes they also explain the anatomy of facial and neck muscles. Also proper marking and techniques are taught, including the administration to the glabellar region, lateral canthus and forehead. Other marking areas include: aesthetic brow lift, bunny lines, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, gummy smile, chin, active platysma bands, and décolleté.