Elements Of Human Freedom: The Double Sided Sword

Freedom is the single greatest blessing on any society, yet Freedom is a double sided sword. God created man a free and happy soul. Freedom is in our spirit and part of our nature. We were made to live free by the design of the Creator. When freedom is used to violate the rights of others, the desire for government starts to take hold on a society. People want a province wide or country wide collective body to tell everybody what they can’t do. What people usually do at this point is appoint a “Leader or Chief” from among the people. Soon a system is established to protect and promote the rights of all peoples of the territory. This means that the ones, who take part in the new government, have the right to limit freedom for all of the other people complete with penalties for non compliance.

It takes a firm liberal education to come to the conclusion that man should be controlled. What I mean to say is that you must be taught something unnatural and contrary to your natural and rational programming to come to a belief that men are better off as slaves. This is a short list of necessary Freedoms. First Element: Freedom from Oppression: Men are never better off as slaves, not a slave to Government Taxes, or a slave to the Government itself, Yet Mature Free Enterprise Societies always move towards slavery as there government attempts to protect itself from its own constituents. This tendency is as natural for any governing body as Freedom is to the individual. Therefore the two are eventually at odds with each other. This is why Government must be kept under control, because it will oppress the populous just as fast as it things it can get away with it.

Second Element: Freedom from Fear: Every Positive has a negative, and every negative has a positive. This fact is true in all sciences and so it is with freedom. Raw freedom is always the best way for a person to create opportunities and build his or her life. Yet there are always troubles with raw open freedom. Although men need freedom they also need limits. These limits are given by God from our birth through our conscience. Freedom without limits creates fear. Fear is oppressive not free. Ever spent time around a person with an explosive temper? Who knows what will set them off? That is what oppression feels like. This feeling is rather like walking on thin paper trying not to wrinkle it. Or like trying to figure out a complex puzzle knowing there is a deadline and a penalty. Man cannot be happy or free under such circumstances.

Let us go back for a moment to a time and place where there was no government. A time when men were just learning to trade, stay in one place and stay in multiple family groups. This would be a society ruled by the law in the heart. This is a society that may live in full freedom. However, Problems begin when the law of the heart is not followed, and intentionally deviated from by “unscrupulous Fellows”. The second problem is that when these “unscrupulous Fellows” break the laws in their heart there is no written penalty for the breaking of the same. Here is where the negative of the positive is felt. The most enjoyable raw freedom that allows one to operate without the interference of the Government also allows your neighbor to come on to your property at night to take your things. When you have and enjoy raw freedom so does he.

That’s right, any time the Government does anything, the action taken takes rights directly away from the people and does so with the money of the people. Civilized Society needs the “unscrupulous Fellows” to know that they cannot do anything they want. All civilized societies need a set of behavioral limits; in fact these same behavioral limits are what make any society civilized. There must be a penalty for wrong doing. This fact makes government a necessary evil. A government once formed begins to change and morph and obtains an insatiable Desire for more power. Anyone who enters the fold of power and public money, will be intoxicated by this Desire and do their part to fill the wishes of said desire by the gathering and maintaining of Government freedoms at the expense of the public freedoms.

Do We Have Unlimited Freedom?

Freedom is a universal sentiment which we all relish. We all have a craving for freedom. Freedom to enjoy life according to our values, preferences, selections, interests, fantasies, whims and fancies etc. is something we all desire. We all have idiosyncrasies and we want the freedom to enjoy them too.

In USA, there is even a Statue of Liberty. Article 21 of Constitution of India confers upon its citizens, fundamental right to life and liberty. I presume that this must be true of constitutions of other nations also. Ironically, the fundamental right to liberty is ambiguous in its statement with inbuilt contradiction. It is ambiguous because it leaves freedom undefined and moreover, freedom can never be total. It is self-contradictory because each and every law is a constraint on human freedom.

So freedom is individually, socially and legally recognized sentiment. Freedom is easy to dream but difficult to realize. Because of conflict of interests in human society, one has to struggle throughout one’s life to achieve and sustain freedom. Human freedom is subject to several constraints.

1. Material constraints: One can enjoy one’s freedom only from the material position one is holding at the given moment, like Nero by virtue of his material position had the liberty to enjoy burning Rome. Since material position evolves over a period of time, hence historical or time dependent constraints to freedom are inevitable. Therefore in the absence of proper definition of fundamental rights, all the fundamental rights are subject to descriptive and narrative, event specific definitions evolved by the esteemed judiciary.

2. Natural Laws: As stated before that every law is a constraint on human freedom, same is true of natural laws as well. Nature does not function in derogation of its laws. Hence relevant natural laws determine scope, limits and potential of available freedom. Therefore, for anything to exist and function, it has to dynamically and harmoniously resolve all the contradictions it faces all the time. In day-to-day living in human society it transforms into test of reasonableness of conduct, fair-play and justice.

3. Man made laws: Law in human society, in the absence of proper understanding of its nature has evolved into a plethora of mutually conflicting principles or a jig saw puzzle upon which judiciary is supposed to adjudicate in the final analysis.  Even the well-defined legal rights are subject to compliance with large number of so-called procedural laws, administrative laws, contractual obligations, customs and usage, systemic infirmities etc. Hence no legal right is absolute; it is always subject to a plethora of attendant conditions.

4. Rationality: The general demand for rationality as we see in human conduct is because nature is self-organizing. Anything can exist and function within the constraints of some harmonized ‘order’ and ‘system’ only. Teilhard de Chardin has summed up the general nature of organization in nature as “a distinct centre radiating at the core of systems of centers”. It implies that nature is organized into self- sustaining units or harmonious wholes and each and every unit has to exist in harmonious interaction with surrounding units. But contradictions’ being inherent in nature such as desire for freedom is antithetical to the need for discipline.

The Gift of Freedom

Is freedom really a gift? If so who gives it away?What makes a person free?

As I wisely pondered on these questions; I realized that no matter the situation I AM the one who can ultimately decide if I am free or not matter the circumstance. You might ask at this point; “what about the slave? What about he Scottish who fought to reclaim their freedom from England? My guess is that freedom is our birth right, it is “who we are;” free begins, it is at the core of our spirits and runs through our veins, it is at the core of our being and we will do everything in our power to protect our freedom. As far as I remember, my soul always rebelled against every act and attempt to rob me of my freedom as a person and as a woman.

Every time someone tried to control me, “enchain me;” it triggered an immediate response and I refused to surrender. When I did surrender, against my will with my abusers and with people at places where I used to work; it was as if my soul was on fire and was wounded. We might be free living in a free country however some of us create our “own mind prison” to hide from who we truly are, to hide from our greatness, from our divine brilliance and birth right. This is by far the worst “prison” there is,as the one who locked himself or herself out, is the one who shall free himself or herself.

Why am I telling you this?

I want you to ask yourself: Am I a free man or woman? Really take your time on this and mediate to receive your answer if you need to.If you are like most people, you will answer yes automatically as you will tell yourself that you are not in jail. The truth is that your beautiful mind is either your ally or your worst enemy and for all you know it is keeping you in prison and locked up without you even knowing it. How does that happen? Well, think about how the mind works; your conscious and thinking mind has the ability to reason, accept and reject every information presented to it.

How do you know if your mind is your ally or your enemy? It is very simple; by their fruits you shall know them said Jesus, your results are your fruits. Look at your current results in your relationships, your bank account; your health; your spiritual life and every area of your life. The results speak for themselves. If you absolutely love your life and where you are in your life’s journey in every way, shape or form; congratulations. You can stop reading if you wish. 99% of the time people don’t even know that they are in “prison”; how do you free yourself from something you are not aware of?

If not; keep reading.

Free your mind by using simple but powerful concepts that you can use as tools every time you run into a block.You see, as life happens or is created, we have the choice to choose our response to the events that occur. This is the one thing that we have the ability to control and use it to create our desired lifestyle. The subconscious mind has absolutely no ability to reject any information presented to it by you or by someone else and it holds your deepest most rooted beliefs which are either empowering or dis-empowering.

The Time Freedom Trap: Are You in It?

What is time freedom? It’s work, but not as we know it…

Much is made, particularly among successful online business people, of the saying ‘time freedom’. Many online marketers use this to attract potential customers to purchase their wares, unaware that this is almost becoming an industry jargon statement, a buzz phrase which not only washes over the heads of those who have no concept of time freedom, but leaves them thinking that they are definitely not on the inside track to any sort of freedom, if they need the phrase explaining. if you choose to share you hopes, dreams and intentions with them. It is not the way we were brought up to view life. We learned to value a particular type of work, in a particular type of working structure, and anything outside of that was regarded with an element of suspicion, to say the least,

There is the first hitch. Either you bandy around this possibly elusive, slightly vague around the edges phrase to all and sundry as if that is all you need to say to persuade people to hand over their card details, or you are on the receiving end, sort of having an idea what it means, but don’t really quite like to ask. Or it is made to sound as if purchasing a ten dollar e-book will magically transport you to a world of carefree pleasure that awaits you with open arms. It has become a catch all phrase to convey the concept of everything people want but don’t have. It almost suggests no work at all, for after all, don’t you only have free time if you are not at work?

The second hitch is in the perception of who it’s for. It’s actually for everyone. But you wouldn’t necessarily know. Those having already achieved it, in any measure, sing about it ad nauseum, as the holy grail of business, and indeed of life itself. Which it may well be. But try telling that to an overworked full time mum, or a mum who has to do a full time job around the family, or the dad who is away from home long, long hours and misses out on so much else in his role as provider. Let’s say for a minute that you have understood the concept, and are making a break for it, and determining to make the necessary changes to accomplish your particular goal.

The idea might be all well and good, but finding time to get off your particular merry go round, for long enough to do anything about it, is another thing all together. to make some changes, can be quite another matter. Like most people, you will be all out just making sure you keep your head above water. That leaves little time for considering change, however much you may wish for it. It can seem a million impossible miles from where you are, and where you believe you think you might be able to be. But you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself if this is you. There will be a moment, an opportunity, to take the first small step, and when it comes, you will be able to grasp it firmly and make a start.

To complete the trio, the third hitch can often be other people.   as we knew so little about any alternatives that could bring us success or whatever it was we wanted. So then, along with the various hurdles that are there anyway, when creating a new lifestyle, a new business, and in particular a style of business that is against the 9-5 norm, not a ‘steady job with prospects’ so it’s easy to be affected by the doubters who don’t ‘get it’ and tell you so.

Happily, all these hitches are more easily overcome than might at first be apparent. Some take actual work, some a little patience, some take mindset changes, but it is all do-able. Very do-able. With the right support. And a large serving of confidence, no matter what, that you are on the right track. At last. Enough that it will not let you waver, however tough times may get. ( also see my article big why). Other pluses are that you need no advanced skills, or previous internet business experience. You can learn everything you need to know.

Essential Ingredients for an Enduring Constitutional Republic

The four essential components of a genuine constitutional republic are,  These elements are the bulwarks of freedom that a written constitution and a Bill of Rights are intended to guarantee to the People of that republic. The Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution are those ten inspired amendments intended by the Framers to guarantee, unto perpetuity, the inalienable rights necessary for the States, or the People and their posterity to have freedom and liberty to pursue personal happiness. The ultimate outcome of following the specific rules of the U.S. Constitution was, according to the Framers’ intent (as stated in the Preamble of the U.S.

This is simply because individual happiness in a free society is not, to any degree, guaranteed. False guarantees of financial and social security are only found in socialist and Marxist regimes which tyrannically regulate and control all human endeavors to a sad end. Without freedom of conscience, movement, and human endeavor, and laws to maintain those freedoms, there can be no real pursuit of happiness. Human happiness must be personally desired, and actively and uniquely pursued, by the individual citizen of the republic through freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, and freedom of privacy.


The guaranteed inalienable freedom of privacy, directly beneath the freedoms of religion and speech in importance, is certainly vital and affords the individual citizen security from government encrouchment on what the citizen writes, emails (and the electronic attachments contained in those emails), and the citizen’s electronic records, which are tantamount to the paper records and effects that the citizen prepares, mails  or has concealed in a safe in a house. It was intended by the Framers to specifically set forth the very many general powers given to the States, or to the People, and those few specific powers given specifically to the federal government by the U.S.

The 4th Amendment was intended to secure these rights, which are to be free of government search, seizure (and electronic surveillance), unless a valid warrant is obtained from a magistrate, which is based upon evidence produced by law enforcement that clearly shows that probable cause exists for the search  warrant because of the substantial probability that a citizen of the republic has committed a crime, or has planned to commit a crime.  Constitution, in order to ensure that the federal government never tyrannically oversteps its specific grant of power.

The U.S. Constitution was, therefore, intended by the Framers as the essential, and only, rulebook for operation of the federal government, and the individual State constitutions were the separate and distinct rulebooks for operation of the individual State governments. Just like the rulebook for any rule-oriented game, such as chess, baseball, football, or, even, for cooking, following the specific rules is vital to the integrity of the game or, even, how a particular recipe turns-out. Such is only common sense, and  fundamental to an understanding of natural law.