Botox smile lift

As we get older, some of us find that the corners of our mouths droop, giving us a distinctive permanent sad resting face smile lift botox .  Knowing the demand of treating the sad smile and converting it to a happy one, Dr Assassa from Beverly Hills has invented a revolutionary 30-minute non-surgical “expression procedure” which is named as “SmileLift™ “.  A non-surgical smile lift is a simple, fast, and effective procedure to reduce the signs of aging.

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The corners of your mouth sag over time mainly due to ageing effects, leaving you with a sad or brooding appearance. It gives them a mistaken signal that the person is sad, angry or grumpy even if you are not. While a non-surgical smile lift cannot stop the aging process, it can provide outstanding results that last for months. BOTOX® is injected into the depressor anguli oris muscle. When the nerve signals are blocked, the muscle will relax, releasing the downward pull and creating a more natural appearance.   The duration of results will vary, depending on which techniques are used.  No scalpel or stitching is needed.

SmileLift™ is an office procedure performed under local anesthesia.  The results are immediate and long lasting, with minimal bruising and swelling lasting few days.  The surgeons use a proprietorship tiny instrument to help lift the mouth corners and turn your expression from a sad resting face to a happy one. With Beverly Hills’ you can explore your own personal style, renew your soul and uncover your passions…