The Time Freedom Trap: Are You in It?

What is time freedom? It’s work, but not as we know it…

Much is made, particularly among successful online business people, of the saying ‘time freedom’. Many online marketers use this to attract potential customers to purchase their wares, unaware that this is almost becoming an industry jargon statement, a buzz phrase which not only washes over the heads of those who have no concept of time freedom, but leaves them thinking that they are definitely not on the inside track to any sort of freedom, if they need the phrase explaining. if you choose to share you hopes, dreams and intentions with them. It is not the way we were brought up to view life. We learned to value a particular type of work, in a particular type of working structure, and anything outside of that was regarded with an element of suspicion, to say the least,

There is the first hitch. Either you bandy around this possibly elusive, slightly vague around the edges phrase to all and sundry as if that is all you need to say to persuade people to hand over their card details, or you are on the receiving end, sort of having an idea what it means, but don’t really quite like to ask. Or it is made to sound as if purchasing a ten dollar e-book will magically transport you to a world of carefree pleasure that awaits you with open arms. It has become a catch all phrase to convey the concept of everything people want but don’t have. It almost suggests no work at all, for after all, don’t you only have free time if you are not at work?

The second hitch is in the perception of who it’s for. It’s actually for everyone. But you wouldn’t necessarily know. Those having already achieved it, in any measure, sing about it ad nauseum, as the holy grail of business, and indeed of life itself. Which it may well be. But try telling that to an overworked full time mum, or a mum who has to do a full time job around the family, or the dad who is away from home long, long hours and misses out on so much else in his role as provider. Let’s say for a minute that you have understood the concept, and are making a break for it, and determining to make the necessary changes to accomplish your particular goal.

The idea might be all well and good, but finding time to get off your particular merry go round, for long enough to do anything about it, is another thing all together. to make some changes, can be quite another matter. Like most people, you will be all out just making sure you keep your head above water. That leaves little time for considering change, however much you may wish for it. It can seem a million impossible miles from where you are, and where you believe you think you might be able to be. But you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself if this is you. There will be a moment, an opportunity, to take the first small step, and when it comes, you will be able to grasp it firmly and make a start.

To complete the trio, the third hitch can often be other people.   as we knew so little about any alternatives that could bring us success or whatever it was we wanted. So then, along with the various hurdles that are there anyway, when creating a new lifestyle, a new business, and in particular a style of business that is against the 9-5 norm, not a ‘steady job with prospects’ so it’s easy to be affected by the doubters who don’t ‘get it’ and tell you so.

Happily, all these hitches are more easily overcome than might at first be apparent. Some take actual work, some a little patience, some take mindset changes, but it is all do-able. Very do-able. With the right support. And a large serving of confidence, no matter what, that you are on the right track. At last. Enough that it will not let you waver, however tough times may get. ( also see my article big why). Other pluses are that you need no advanced skills, or previous internet business experience. You can learn everything you need to know.